News 13 Jan 2014

Here we are with a warm welcome to 2014 and also to the rest of you. The holidays are over, pilgrimages are complete, the spring of creative energy has been refilled or recoiled, depending on what sort of spring you thought of.
We hope you have all enjoyed your various breaks or non-breaks over the last few weeks, not been too cold or hot (we've had lovely weather in New Zealand most of the time, though it's going downhill at the moment) and possibly played a bunch of games whilst still getting appropriate amounts of exposure to family and sunlight.
As 2014 moves forward we'll be able to reveal more and more cool things about current and future games, but for now we're working on getting everything in working order for the big year ahead. Let me know what else you'd like to hear about in the comments below!
Monkey City

The Bloons Monkey City's beta is going swimmingly. You've given us amazing feedback and having so many people pummelling the servers is surprisingly helpful. That's not to say the game is now finished. Quite the opposite in fact and I suspect one or two of you will agree. 
Making changes in a game is generally a slow process, and because making a game that everyone likes is impossible, we have to really consider what gameplay changes would best suit the game we're trying to make.

This is just an assurance that we have a long list of seriously great suggestions that we will be considering, but not all will end up in the game (especially in the same form) and it'll probably take a while to happen.
BTD Battles Web
The web version of Battles has been rocky for a while. We've had a post on the forums explaining that we're working on a big server overhaul, as well as a big sweep through the client to tidy things up.
We're getting close to having this completed, but there's still a bit of a wait unfortunately. We'll have a post about that once it's done, though you'll probably notice it when you load up the new version one day.
EDIT: You probably won't notice, so you'll have to wait for us to tell you about it. Or rather, a sooner update is going to change a lot of things visually, and that's not the server thing.
There has been a serious crash with BTD5 iOS recently, and the good news is that we have fixed it and submitted the build to Apple. New builds can take a week and more to go through, so you should see this soon. We're very sorry for those who have run into this regularly.
Clan Challenge
There is no Clan Challenge this week.
And now here's a cool video!
This great video shows a paper crafted Monkey City!