News 11 Nov 2013
In an effort to keep Ninja Kiwi players up to date on all things Ninja Kiwi, we decided to start a regular blog post to relay the NK happenings to you. With so much going on we couldn't hope to tell you everything (and indeed, there are a lot of things that we prefer to keep for later surprises), but we can attempt to fill you in on the most interesting/important things
We'll try to start having these sort of updates more often, weekly if we can pull it off, so make sure to leave comments about things you would like to know more about and I'll do what I can about filling in the gaps in your knowledge.

Bloons Monkey City
For new stuff, nothing stands above Bloons Monkey City, a game coming soon to Ninja Kiwi.

We currently do not have a release date for Bloons Monkey City. 
The only thing we can say at this point is that you will all get a chance to play Bloons Monkey City soon, and as you all know, games take a long time to make, so "soon" can encompass a wide range of possible time frames. But, this soon is getting really close to anyone's definition of the word, so keep an eye out for more announcements around our new game!
Clans and Marks 
Many of you have entered into discussion about the Clans, Clan Challenges, Marks of Honor and Marks of Awesome and most importantly, we want you you to know that we are watching these discussions. We can't really reply to every post and question, but know that ears will always listen at Ninja Kiwi to those who speak.

We can recognise a few separate issues with the system and we're thinking about simple ways to remedy the problems we see. With something as complex as player involvement, we don't see any one change to solve everything, but we think with a series of smaller changes to different areas, we can make the Clans and Clan Challenges system feel fair for all players, and hopefully promote a bit of friendly competition.
The first of these changes, which happened last Friday, was to change how new NK accounts are allocated into clans. Previously, the total clan membership was considered, but now we look at each clan's "Active Members" ("Active Members" being players who have earned Awesome Points in the previous 30 days). Already the weekly AP race has evened out, so we think this is a step in the right direction, and with further opportunities for players to contribute to their clan winning, we hope to see an even closer race where individuals feel they can really help.
The previous Clan Challenge, while exciting, did exclude a lot of people simply from being so short. We did intend for the challenge to be over quickly, though less than 24 hours is something we'll try to avoid in the future.
I'll stop here as I'm unsure how long you want to be reading for, but leave any feedback you have about different topics, content, formatting or anything else you can think of for these posts.