News 17 Aug 2018

Hey everyone! 

Welcome to the Ninja Kiwi blog for the 17th of August, 2018! 

What's been going on this week?

What a week! We've had Battles tournaments, birthdays, handball competitions and even moved some of the desks around in the office. Not to mention the crazy amount of work that's gone into BTD 6 and BAT TD. 
We've also making two of our awesome games free to download. Fortress Destroyer and Bloons Super Monkey 2. Fortress destroyer will remain free while Bloons Super Monkey 2 will be on a 10-day free trial starting tomorrow. If you haven't yet played them I highly suggest you give them a shot. 

Fortress Destroyer: iOS
Fortress Destroyer: Google Play

Bloons Super Monkey 2: iOS
Bloons Super Monkey 2: Google Play

This weeks focus:

- BTD6 -
Pile O' Monkey Money sale.

- Tower Keepers -
Hero battles rewards x2, double gold. Warlock and Shaman skins on sale.
Ongoing Gathering Storm campaign.

- BTD Battles -
BFB with no bonus and BFB cards on Friday, MOAB, MOAB club, MOAB club cards on Saturday, BFB with no bonus, BFB club and BFB random cards on Sunday.
Medallions and Engineer skins on sale.

- SAS4 web -
LMS with full boosts as rewards on Friday, VS with black item as reward on bounties on Saturday, Apoc with boss bounty for alloy on Sunday.
Sales on epic pack and 7th premium gun set: Bayonet, RIA 75 and 888 CAW

- SAS4 Mobile -
VS on Friday, Apoc on Saturday, LMS on Sunday with black box as reward.
Sales on nantos, epic pack and 9th premium gun set: Contagion, Ahab and Calamity

- BMC web and mobile -
Daily monkey teams with knowledge packs as rewards on Saturday. Monkey knowledge packs on sale.

- BTD5 -
Preferred monkey changing maps every 3hs. Bloonvasion and ZOMG pops counting for the leaderboards.
Monkey money and ninja skins on sale.

- BSM2 -
Double blops and boosters.


This weeks competition is to take the following sentence and fill in the blanks with the funniest, wackiest and weirdest (keep it PG) things you can think of! The more Bloons related the better!

Fill in the blanks:
While hanging out after a hard day popping bloons at ______ , I saw a ______ perched in a tree. My companion ______ said we should try to catch it. I quickly grabbed my ______ from my backpack of infinite size. When I did, the ______ jumped out of the tree. My companion and I chased it past ______ and by ______ , but as we were running, we slipped on a ______ and fell on our ______ . Quincy saw us and yelled, "____________ !" We listened and went inside the house. Quincy had cooked ______ , and it tasted ______ , but we ate it anyway while telling him the story of our chase. He said not to be too sad about it. To make us feel better, he served ______ for dessert and let us watch ______ on TV. While watching TV, we saw a commercial for ______ and decided to order one. When it comes in the mail, we will finally be able to catch the ______ . We will put it in a ______ in the ______ and charge people ______ to see it. 


Post your entries in a comment below. 

The prize for this week's competition is:

Mystery Prize for a game of your choice!

Please pick from the following:
BTD5, BMC, SAS4, Tower Keepers web
BTD 6, Battles, BMC, SAS4, Tower Keepers, Fortress Destroyer, Bloons Super Monkey 2 mobile
Include your mobile User ID if you're wanting a prize for mobile.

One entry per person
Terms apply
Entries must be in before 2 pm, Friday 24th of August(New Zealand time)
Include your username/platform user ID details in your entry.

Questions from the comments:

- Why has Rohan been playing BTD6 for days on end?
Because he's immortal and the only thing that sustains his immortality is Burger Fuel and Bloons TD 6. 

- It was previously said that the 0-0 dart monkey kept winning "Employee" of the month at Ninja Kiwi headquarters. But what if you guys add a "Hero of the Month"? The four legendary heroes - "Bow Monkey who can't aim" "Pyro Monkey who is bae" "Tree Monkey with Blue Fur" "Tank Monkey" Who would win?
We all know the 0-0-0 Dart Monkey is the one and only True Hero. Don't believe me? Just watch the first 4 minutes of this video

- SAS5 when?
Oooops, you just reset the countdown. Timer reset to 666 days. 

- Will BMC or BTDB be updated to include the new towers and upgrades as BTD6?
It's not in our current scope as we are prioritizing BAT TD and BTD 6 content. 

- What is a life in BTD6? Back when soulbind was a thing, the conversion rates meant that even a Dart Monkey was worth 2 lives. So whose life is being lost when a bloon leaks and why is it worth less than monkey lives?

Any life is only truly as valuable as a sacrifice it can offer to the one true sun god, and if you can't offer any sacrifice this only serves to anger that power. So you're really just trying to keep the sun god happy and resting until it's power is needed.
When you can't do that, well Churchill says it best.
Also, Tim's Birthday Party.


As always, feel free to ask a question and I'll do my best to answer!