News 25 Aug 2017

Hello everyone, thanks for stopping by for the 25 August blog post!


This week we released update 1.5 for Bloons Super Monkey 2 mobile! This update continues through Helium Heights, introducing 7 brand new levels for you to tackle!


What's Going On This Week?

Tower Keepers: 2x Rewards for Hero Battles. Double Gold sale and Ranger skin released!

BTD Battles: BFB on Friday, MOAB on Saturday, BFB with no random tower and BFB Random Cards on Sunday. Bag and Chest on sale along with Mortar skins!

SAS4 Web: Last Man Standing on Friday, Virus Samples on Saturday with Bounties, Apocalypse on Sunday with Black Box as reward on bounties. Epic Pack and Vitriol, Ronson 5x5 and CM 0Kelvin on sale!

SAS4 Mobile: LMS on Friday, VS on Saturday with Black box as reward and Apoc on Sunday. NM Vet. Pack, Nantoniums and Planet Stormer, WPX Incinerator and HIKS A10 on sale!

BMC web and mobile: Daily Monkey Teams with Knowledge Packs as reward on Saturday. Wild Card Knowledge Packs on sale!

BTD5: Sale on Monkey Money and new Bomb Tower skins! Bloonvasion, Bosses and red bloons counting for pops on the leader board.

BSM2: Blop Doubler activated for the store.


Ninja Kiwi and non-Ninja Kiwi Game Combiner Competition Winners!

Last week I asked for some game ideas based around combining an existing non-NK game with NK. This week's winner is... 

Edu TKD with "Mortar Kombat"

and a runner up (50 NK coins + Mystery Gift)

Gracchus_Mccarthe with Monkey v Bloons Chess




Questions from the Comments:

BTD Battles tournaments? Yes/No? Before or After BTD6? Or closer than you think?
Yes, before BTD6.
Do you know the Muffin Man?
The Muffin Man?
When will the next global event be in SAS4?
September looks good.
Anything about SAS4 for Steam or Console?
Nothing to confirm but being looked into. This would be a port of the mobile version if it happens.
Are you going to convert your Flash games to HTML5 before 2020?
Nope, they will stay as they are.
What are your favourite 5 Heroes in Tower Keepers?
Blackguard, Berserker, Ranger, Sorceress, Samurai.


Thank you all!