I play BFB Colosseum Boosts Only Mode, with Red Hot Spikes added in this update! Correction in this video: I think me getting 5 types of XP is a glitch. If anyone can figure out how to make this glitch happen please tell me in the comments, or tell me on Discord! I upload these BTD Battles content: ? "Battles Theory" videos (Tutorial for BTD Battles) ? Tier 0, Boosts Only, R3 Speed Bananza and Free Powerups gameplay ? Private matches with top players ? Best strategies to win BFB Colosseum and Boss Arenas ? New Glitches and exploits I find ? Micro Challenge and Late Game ? Collabs with other BloonsTubers ? Meme videos ? Medallion giveaways ? Playing with viewers in Livestreams If you wanna see these kinds of videos then consider subscribing! My Discord server:

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