Flooded Valley - CHIMPS BlackBorder + Guide (Easy) - Subs OP!!!!

? Feel free to join my Discord Server ? https://discord.gg/k7jX83H Click on the link to see the updated version for this strategy: https://youtu.be/SV74QlvyjQg Hi Guys, This is my relatively easy CHIMPS BlackBorder Guide / Tutorial for the new map: Flooded Valley This is my BlackBorder Run for the new map Flooded Valley I tried to make it as safe and micro friendly as possible. Only R6 can be a little difficult sometimes... But for an expert map this guide is very easy to follow ;) Good luck beating Flooded Valley!!! Written Guide: Before you start.. The (205) Sub Commander buffs all subs in his range.. So make sure the (052) Pre-emptive strike sub + All (032) Ballistic Missile subs are in range of the Sub Commander!!! And don't place the 1st sub to low... Make sure the hero is in his range so he can kill the camo bloon on R24 I recomend you watch the new and updated version for this strategy https://youtu.be/SV74QlvyjQg R 6: Sub + Sub as fast as possible R10: Admiral Brickell on Strong R12: Sub R14: Sub 001 R18: Sub 002 R19: Bottom Sub 100 R20: Bottom Sub 200 R24: Bottom Sub 300 R25: Bottom Sub on First R27: New Sub 020 on Strong R28 Activate - Naval Tactics R33: Bottom Sub 400 + Submerge!! R35: Sub 003 into 203 R38: Sub 204 R40: Activate - Naval Tactics R x: 4x Sub 032 R54: Activate Naval Tactics on First Moab R57: Start Round - Naval Tactics + After that Place a Mine next to the most bottom Sub R60: Mine R61: Naval Tactics on First Moab R62: Sub 205 R x: 4x Sub 032 R78: Sub 042 (Make sure he is in sub commanders range) R80: First Strike R82: Activate - Naval Tactics when FF BFB's Spawn R83: Activate - Naval Tactics when it is off cd R84: Activate - Naval Tactics when it is off cd R85: First strike R86: Sub 052 Turn Auto Start off And spend all your money on 032 subs after each round! R87: Activate - Naval Tactics R88: Activate - Pre-Emptive Strike on ZOMG R89: Activate - Naval Tactics on when BFB's Spawn R91: Activate - Pre-Emptive Strike on Moabs R92: Activate Naval Tactics when zomg's spawn R94: Buy Sniper 300 and save money to upgrade it to 402 + Activate Naval Tactics when zomg's spawn R96: Start Round or 2-3 seconds later Naval Tactics + Sniper 402 on Strong on R97 in the video i have the sniper on last... But set him on Close!! R97: Sniper on Close!!! + First strike when top FF ZOMG is half way on the map (Next to the sub group) R98: Sniper on Strong + Mine on bottom zomg's + Activate - Naval Tactics after you place the mine R100: Mine + First strike + Activate - Naval Tactics GG :) Let me know if you beat the map And Please let me know if there are errors in the guide.. Or if anything is unclear Click on the link to see the updated version for this strategy: https://youtu.be/MqoTd5xRyyU Songs: Distrion - Alibi (ft. Heleen) Campfire - RetroVision Clarx & Harddope - Castle MAGNUS x Unread - Cool (Feat Alessia) Julius Dreisig - Where'd You Go (feat. Luna Lark)

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