Im really not on here much anymore. You can find me on Steam using the link below, you can add me if you want. Let me know if you are from NK. You can also contact me via email at

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  • Blue-wolves Clan Blue Wolves
  • Marks of Honor 16
  1. posted an update

    welcome to my digital fema camp

    2021-01-25 02:38:33 UTC
  2. posted an update

    alphabet boys in my dms. u know how it is, you see (UC)

    2021-02-01 00:33:57 UTC
  3. posted an update

    listening to slashcore. your girl suck me hardcore

    2021-03-08 18:04:08 UTC
  4. posted an update

    sorry for no posts. i was a bad boy and got in trouble. anyways, my general update is that I'm waiting for things to click

    2021-06-23 22:38:33 UTC
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