Bloons TD 5 Daily Challenges

3 Lollipop's Revenge - Jun 7, 2016
07 June 2016 08:05 AM
1 - 46 with 2|4 Spike Factories and a 3|1 Dartlings. By Simone Esposito

Candyland, Easy, 650 starting cash, 200 lives. Reward: $150 ($60 for replaying).
Typo in the description: "a 3|1 Dartlings".
  1. MikkoU

    Blue-wolves 25-braveheart 38
    MikkoU 07 Jun 2016 01:26 PM Hh, 150MM for this?

    Not sure how is this possible, easy as hell. Buy dartling when you have money and 2x 2/0 spacs to destroy leads... phew.
  2. SpeedyLamboDude 07 Jun 2016 03:34 PM can someone help me on no lives lost on this daily challenge, or is it not possible?
  3. saspic45 08 Jun 2016 07:50 AM I set quality to low, put Dartling Guns inside the union of the two canes on each side, and aimed in the middle so they each fired at the other side. Also you need 2/x Spacktories for the leads.

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