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2551 12752 Bloons monkey city error
hey just letting you know i keep getting 'server error' after half of my monkey v monkey defense win...
Bloons Monkey City Posts Comments Latest Post
3867 28139 Losing resources
I can collect money, but we I log back in I only have the same 3k I had before I collected. Same wit...
Bloons TD 5 Posts Comments Latest Post
17099 75100 New Special Mission Idea?
OK, so suggestions and criticism are allowed, but no swearing and other rude stuff. This Special ...
Bloons Super Monkey 2 Posts Comments Latest Post
2865 12446 neveryone is probably asking secretly
is this game even being worked on anymore? i really need to know, and you all probably agree. but se...
Bloons TD Battles Posts Comments Latest Post
7171 29986 why do people do this?
this person hated me for sending a BFB at him. it sucks how people are like this. link here. https...
SAS Zombie Assault Games Posts Comments Latest Post
4259 22495 Do not want: Pre-added random augmentation
Some loots in boxes came with a pre-added random augmentation, like 2 points of biosytesis on weapon...
The General Forums Posts Comments Latest Post
3034 58472 Is there a character limit for posts and comments in this forum?
Question in the title. If there is a character limit, please tell me what it is. I don't know if thi...
Ninja Kiwi Games Posts Comments Latest Post
3187 9049 BTD6 idea
We should be allowed to turn towers as we are setting them down i had this idea for a tower a while...
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