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2198 10743 a couple of problems in btd battles ios
ok. now many people have complained about people hacking in btd battles mobile, but nk doesn't do a ...
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2849 20377 Shipwreck Special Mission Win on First Try, with NLL!
I just managed to unlock and beat the Shipwreck mission about 30 minutes ago, and while I was playin...
Bloons TD 5 Posts Comments Latest Post
16264 70327 not a challenge
So I'm playing co-op, and the other player is getting almost 10 million cash at the completion of ea...
Bloons Super Monkey 2 Posts Comments Latest Post
2817 12090 What do i do if support doesn't help?
Over a week ago i emailed support because I bought solid doom but it said I didn't even though my bl...
Bloons TD Battles Posts Comments Latest Post
6789 26346 Hotkey Selecting
Maybe when it comes to picking your towers for a game, (the select towers thing when a battle is gon...
SAS Zombie Assault Games Posts Comments Latest Post
2817 11460 Zombie Mech Glitch
There was a new update today that has created a new glitch,when a zombie mech spawns it gets stuck w...
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2499 47728 The Bandwagon Effect
I don't think this issue has been too severe yet, but it should still be mentioned. ...
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3131 8741 oh TOTMgod update 2.8 and personal opinion so there is a brand new update coming soon to btd5 ios...
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