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  • Btd5_ice
    yeetPancake about 13 hours ago

    Why are the leaves on in the loop half as big as the monkeys?

  • Nk_monkey
    MeleeGamer about 23 hours ago

    BTW, (And I'm not meaning anything harsh here,) you know the big logo when you start up the game? That says "An epic adventure of monkeys and bloons." Now, admit it, that's only a half-truth.

  • Nk_monkey
    friendguy934 2 days ago

    Do you think the monkey buccaneer has pirated anything before?

  • 3-zombiemonkey
    _Neverseen_ 3 days ago

    How old is the Alchemist Monkey, serving all those brews, you know?

  • 1-bsm_face
    hootakoat123 3 days ago


  • 4-trekmonkey
    SniperMonkey85504 3 days ago

    what happens if i fat shame pat fusty

  • Nk_monkey
    VengefulTSG2543 3 days ago

    Why did you rename Towers to Monkeys when not all of the "Monkeys" are towers, but machines? Why did the Ice Tower get transformed into the Ice Monkey? Why did you remove default camo detection from the Dartling Gunner?

  • Nk_monkey
    VengefulTSG2543 3 days ago

    Will there be a BTD7? If so, When? I've come up with MOAB bloon ideas. Here are those: Super Jumbo Bloon Order (Super-Jumbo-B.O.) - releases an I.S.A.B., T.E.W.T.I.Y., B.A.D., D.D.T., Z.O.M.G., B.F.B., and a M.O.A.B Impoppable Supreme Air Brawler (I.S.A.B.) - releases 4 T.E.W.T.I.Y.s Tyrannical Eternal Weapon of The Immortal Yielding (T.E.W.T.I.Y) - released 4 B.A.D.s Those are based off popular Bloon YouTubers Superjombobo, ISAB, and Tewtiy.

  • Btd5_ice
    OblivionWithCheese 3 days ago

    Will battles 2 have the same problems as btd6's coop?

  • 2-sniperprone
    BoomerMonkey122870 3 days ago

    What monkeys are most likely to play what instrument?

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