• Welcome to the New Ninja Kiwi

    News - 25 Mar 2013
    Some of you will have heard about our new site, others will be experiencing this knowledge coursing through them for the first time. To both groups, welcome! And thanks for joining us.We've been building this for a long time now and it's finally at a stage where we can show you what it's all about. Take some time to customise your profile page, your avatar, and even change your NK username. It's a one time use thing so make sure you pick something you'll be happy with. After that, jump into the... read more
  • New Site - Getting More Awesomer Every Day

    News - 18 Apr 2013
    Welcome everyone to the new Ninja Kiwi Site.To those who have been having a look round for the last few days, thanks for staying with us! We did have a few niggles and glitches here and there, and we worked extra hard to iron out these issues. Those who had trouble logging in should now all be sorted, so if you still experience issues logging in, please email our awesome support team   Apart from you guys who are the life blood of Ninja Kiwi, this site has a to... read more
  • Weekend Sale!

    News - 14 Jun 2013
    This week we had a whole bunch of cool updates happening to Bloons TD5!- The Jungle map was added to the web game, 1.4 on Android and 1.5 on ios!- Everyplay was added to ios allowing you to record gameplay! - This weekend only, we also have a sale on all in-app purchases! Around 30-40% off! Be sure to check out this week's YouTube video for your chance to win 100 Ninja Kiwi coins!More details: a great weekend folks,DanNinja Kiwi Community Manager read more
  • Two New Maps!

    News - 28 Jun 2013
    Two new maps have been released on ios!Fireworks and Tunnels! Congratulations to Technologic who was the first person to correctly guess the map "Fireworks" from the teaser image featured in last week's Video! He's won 500 Monkey Money! Look out for these maps on Android and Web Versions in the near future!Subscribe to our YouTube channel for another chance to win awesome stuff next week! Kiwi Community Manager read more
  • Bloons Monkey City - Coming Soon!

    News - 21 Aug 2013
    Bloons Monkey City, the premier city building, bloon popping and upgrade cranking simulation of our time, is coming soon to!In Bloons Monkey City you must build your humble town into a bloon busting metropolis, a centre for all that is monkey, and stop the inevitable horde of bloon-kind barrelling through your city walls. Expand your empire by farming bananas, constructing super sized vivariums for your monkey recruits, stomping over the wild bloons in the wilderness beyond an... read more
  • What's Update at Ninja Kiwi!

    News - 11 Nov 2013
    In an effort to keep Ninja Kiwi players up to date on all things Ninja Kiwi, we decided to start a regular blog post to relay the NK happenings to you. With so much going on we couldn't hope to tell you everything (and indeed, there are a lot of things that we prefer to keep for later surprises), but we can attempt to fill you in on the most interesting/important things   We'll try to start having these sort of updates more often, weekly if we can pull it off, so make sure to leave commen... read more
  • What's Up at Ninja Kiwi? - 18 Nov '13

    News - 18 Nov 2013
    It's the time of week where we update you on various things you want to be updated on. Remember to leave a comment on what you want us to talk about or any other suggestions you have. We'll do our best to get through everything we can answer (we do like secrets).   So, here we go.   Fan Submissions   Fan of the Week was an awesome way to see the great and crazy things that could be made in reference to our games. We thought it was cool, you thought it was cool, and it was a ... read more
  • What's Up at Ninja Kiwi? - 25 Nov '13

    News - 25 Nov 2013
    We'll have a shorter update post this week. There's a lot happening and time is in short supply!   _ Monkey City! First of all: Bloons Monkey City is in open beta!   Build your town from humble outpost to thriving metropolis in Bloons Monkey City. Pop bloons to spread your city out, giving your more land on which to build. Once you're set up, start sending attacks at your friends in Monkey vs. Monkey! ... read more
  • What's Up at Ninja Kiwi? - 02 Dec '13

    News - 02 Dec 2013
    Heyyyyy everybody.   Hope you had a great week! With an update for BTD5 Mobile, a new track on BTD5 web and Bloons Monkey City open beta, there have been plenty of things to spend time on, whether you should be spending that time on something else or not.   Bloons Monkey City News Section It's been a busy week for BMC and there have been a lot of questions about the game, so a BMC news section seemed like a good idea.   Updates In regards to updates, there will be plenty. ... read more
  • What's Up at Ninja Kiwi? - 09 Dec '13

    News - 09 Dec 2013
    Hello there! Welcome to another "What's Up?" blag post. Kicking things off is a special "guest" segment from Sam in Scotland. You don't have to read it in a Scottish accent but it's certainly encouraged.   Update from the NK Europe Office!   Hey folks!   We hope you're all doing good, and have had an enjoyable week.   Aaron and I thought it might be a good idea to introduce a section in the blog from our side of the world that covers any news, views and updates on t... read more