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  • What's Up At Ninja Kiwi? - 05 February 2016

    News - 05 Feb 2016
    Another slow news week! ...Things... are getting closer, but for now I don't have much to tell you. On the events front, Dreadbloon is approaching in BMC web, Blastapopoulos in BMC mobile and there's an Elite Squads championship in SAS4 web next week.   With that out of the way, onto the competition winners!   NK Drawing Competition   In third place, for 1x Elite Augment Core: lewisbx       In second place, for 2x Elite A... read more
  • What's Up At Ninja Kiwi? - 29 January 2016

    News - 29 Jan 2016
    It's the end of January and NK HQ is busy creating new things to get out to you all. Nothing big yet but we've got patches/updates on the way, work being done on Tower Keepers and some super special secret games hiding on our computers while we whip them into shape (nice whipping though).   Competition - Draw a (Ninja Kiwi related) Thing!   This week's competition is for drawing. Rack your brains for something related to Ninja Kiwi and then turn it into a maste... read more
  • What's Up At Ninja Kiwi? - 22 January 2016

    News - 22 Jan 2016
    This week we released the Dreadbloon and Blastapopoulos for Bloons Monkey City mobile in version 1.9! These bosses have been seen terrorising players in BMC web and now we're giving mobile players the chance to take on these bloon behemoths on the go! Bloons Monkey City is free on mobile so if you haven't got it already you may want to check it out!   Some smaller updates have come out for BTD5 and SAS4 mobile to fix some bugs and change some decorations. It is no longer the h... read more
  • What's Up At Ninja Kiwi? - 15 January 2016

    News - 15 Jan 2016
    Happy New Year! 2016 is off to a great start here at NK HQ; we've got a whole year of NK Awesomeness in the kitchen and everyone is excited for what we'll be bringing to the table. We've given out free bread in the form of some bug fixes but we're not ready for the first course. Don't pick up your knives and forks just yet, but we've got a whole lot of Awesomeness to serve up as we move deeper into 2016. What are the courses? When will they be served? Has this metaphor go... read more
  • What's Up At Ninja Kiwi? - 18 December 2015

    News - 17 Dec 2015
    It's the last blog post of the year, girls and boys! I'd like a take a minute (just sit right there) to thank you for your support. It's been a big year for Ninja Kiwi and it has been fantastic to have you all along for the ride. Thanks for playing and thanks for being a fan. Bloons Monkey City 1.8 - Beacons, Bosses and Bounties Version 1.8 of Monkey City on mobile introduces Beacons to battle on, Bosses to bring down and Bounty cards to add some more excitement to the already ... read more
  • What's Up At Ninja Kiwi? - 11 December 2015

    News - 11 Dec 2015
    Hey everyone! Christmas is close and the games are feeling it. Various games have small or large changes to show their festive cheer. Have you found them all?   Fortress Destroyer Mobile - Now out on iOS (Android still on its way!) Fortress Destroyer is now available on iOS devices around the world! If you want to go check it out right now, and I won't blame you, click this link!     Fortress Destroyer has been on for a little while now, but... read more
  • What's Up At Ninja Kiwi? - 04 December 2015

    News - 04 Dec 2015
    Welcome to December. You made it! You're alive! But what's up at NK though?   Bloons TD Battles Mobile - 3.3 Battles mobile was updated to version 3.3, introducing the all new Club Combo Rooms! These unique Club Rooms will combine some of your favourite rules to create even more crazy game modes. Can you handle a Speed Battle using a Random Trio? How about a Mega Boost game where you Play With Fire (not IRL)?   Battles mobile is free to download so if you can, ch... read more
  • What's Up At Ninja Kiwi? - 27 November 2015

    News - 27 Nov 2015
    Hello, hello, hello! I have returned from my travels (in the Commonwealth) and have a brand new blog post ready for you to read. We've had updates for the Android/iOS/Windows/Steam versions of Bloons Monkey City/SAS Zombie Assault 4/Bloons TD Battles/Bloons TD 5 since we last spoke... but those are much too old now. Let's stay in the present!   Bloons TD 5 - Double Monkey Money Double Monkey Money is back in BTD5 web! This means two times the Monkey Money reward for any Mon... read more
  • What's Up At Ninja Kiwi? - 06 November 2015

    News - 06 Nov 2015
    Hi there! Welcome to an NK blog post. I won't be around to put one of these up for the next two weeks so make sure your questions (that you'll leave in the comments) are especially good. Due to me being tremendously sick this week and there not being much in the way of updates (or the update isn't out for all platforms) we'll go straight to the winners of the Haiku competition. Woo! Haiku Competition! We had many great entries but I have whittled them down to my top 5. In n... read more
  • What's Up At Ninja Kiwi? - 30 October '15

    News - 30 Oct 2015
    Hello everyone! November approaches! A particularly busy time of the year where Ninja Kiwi squashes its festive cheer back into the drawer until we get everything in order for 2016. There's plenty of updates getting built for y'all and new versions of current games getting prepped and polished. Lots of new stuff, long awaited features and otherwise exciting possibilities await!   SAS Zombie Assault 4 Web - Premium weapons some more Halloween goodness SAS4 Web now has 3 bran... read more