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  • What's Up At Ninja Kiwi? - 26 June '15

    News - 26 Jun 2015
    It's been the weekiest week in a while so it means a particularly bloggy. The biggest news is some sort of swamp monster in Bloons Monkey City web, but what about the other stuff we've got going on up in this Ninja Kiwi?   Bloons TD Battles Mobile You may recall we've recently introduced a login system to Battles mobile to let players save their progress and give us more tools to help players when they run into problems. Things have been hectic at NK Dundee (and HQ) sol... read more
  • What's Up At Ninja Kiwi? - 19 June '15

    News - 19 Jun 2015
    Hello, you cool cats. Thanks for stopping by. Updates are approaching at an ever increasing pace, but this week we've only got a bit of Bloons Monkey City action for you to sink your darts into. Bloons Monkey City - Bloon Beacon! An interestingly mysterious, crystalline object has appeared. It's the most glorious and royalist of purples and there's sweet artwork telling you it's something called a Bloon Beacon. You approach it, cautiously at first, and then notice a... read more
  • What's Up At Ninja Kiwi? - 12 June '15

    News - 12 Jun 2015
    This week we were testing some awesome updates for Bloons Monkey City and SAS4 web. They're shaping up nicely and we can't wait to get them into your little (or large) hands. Along with testing, we got an update out for BTD5 on Windows to fix up some bugs. SAS4 iOS got an update with a whole bunch of awesome stuff. We also have an update almost out for BMC Mobile.   Rohan the Administrator   A new admin has joined Ninja Kiwi in the form of Rohan. Many of you w... read more
  • What's Up At Ninja Kiwi? - 05 June '15

    News - 05 Jun 2015
    Only a few things to bring up this week (brought up down below). BMC web had server issues which are mostly under control now. We also had a bigger kerfuffle this morning which has also been smoothed over nicely. BTD Battles on Android got a small update to help fix a few bugs not present on other platforms. There's also been some interesting news going around about something big spotted by monkey scouts. Something the Bloons might be planning in BMC. I also heard some rumours about SAS4 web... read more
  • What's Up At Ninja Kiwi? - 29 May '15

    News - 29 May 2015
    This week I was followed around by a Battlecruiser without any weapons. That's him up the top. Following me around, not helping, not even driving properly...   Fortress Destroyer - You can help us make it! Fortress Destroyer, the new game from Ninja Kiwi (the creators of smash hit Bloons TD 5) is in "beta" at the moment. We would really love for you to play it and give us feedback if you've got feedback to give. If you're interested you can send us your em... read more
  • What's Up At Ninja Kiwi? - 22 May '15

    News - 22 May 2015
    Now that my city has finished loading we can get on with the blog! There's no time for chit-chat, let's get down to business! SAS Zombie Assault 4 Web - New Contract! SAS4 web received an update to introduce the new contract, Zombie Hotspot. Extra strong zombies are overwhelming an unspecified populous. Get in there and neutralise them as fast as possible to earn bonus XP! Two small bug fixes are included in this update so check the change-log for more information.   ... read more
  • What's Up At Ninja Kiwi? - 15 May '15

    News - 15 May 2015
    Good morning/afternoon/evening. This week we updated BMC web servers then rolled them back, we updated SAS4 with some fixes and didn't roll back, we released an update for Battles mobile and the website got a fancy new accessory. Would you like to know more? Bloons TD Battles Mobile - Account System Easily the biggest news for the last week is the addition of an account system for BTD Battles mobile. Just like in SAS4 and BMC, you can sign in with a mobile NK account to have your... read more
  • What's Up At Ninja Kiwi? - 08 May '15

    News - 08 May 2015
    A thousand greetings, everyone! A few small things this week, a few small things next week. We'll get there. We're all gonna make it.   Bloons TD 5 Web - 2 DC Vaults and the track, Sprint Track Because repetition is fun we've introduced the new Sprint Track track, a beginner track where bloons float around a running track. Along with that we put in the Daily Challenge Vaults for March and April 2015. Check them out and grab the AP you deserve! Some savvy individuals hav... read more
  • What's Up At Ninja Kiwi? - 01 May '15

    News - 01 May 2015
    It's May, finally, and tautologically speaking that means it's May. Unfortunately it's the 1st of May, so I can't really say much more about that. It's been an eventful week with updates though, so let's jump right in. SAS Zombie Assault Mobile - Events! The mobile version of SAS4 is now at version 1.3 and this brings Events to mobile players. Sam is here to tell you a little bit about that if you're not sure what they're all about:     ... read more
  • What's Up At Ninja Kiwi? - 24 April '15

    News - 24 Apr 2015
    Good news, everyone! I've been re-watching Futurama recently and it's a great TV show! Bloons Monkey City and SAS Zombie Assault 4 on web are both close to getting updated. One would not be overly optimistic to expect next week, but take that with a grain of sodium chloride. There's some fun new game modes for SAS4 and more opportunities for sweet rewards in BMC and bug fixes for both. New Avatars This week we finally got some new avatars onto the site, including some girly ... read more