Issue April 2013

Bloons® TD 5 - Play Co-op With Your Friends Now!

Ever since we launched Bloons TD 5 we've been thinking about the frequent requests for 2-player modes, so we are excited to announce that 2-player cooperative mode has been added to BTD5!

In Co-op Mode you'll be teamed up with another bloon popper, or you can set up a private match with a friend. You'll share lives and each earn half the money from pops, then work together managing your own side of the track to beat the bloons. Communicating with your ally using the chat system (hit enter, type your message and hit enter again) is very important, particularly for the expert track.

Four Brand New Tracks for Co-op Mode:

  • Alpine Lake
  • Haunted Swamp
  • Cash Money
  • Spider

Four standard BTD5 tracks are also included so you can see how differently they play in Co-op.

We also want to shout about our totally updated website! There are tons of new and improved features to sink your teeth into, including clans, clan leaderboards, follow and friend systems, new avatars, and weekly events. The friend system and integrated forums can help organize private battles for Co-op Mode and keep your clan on top of the weekly Awesome race that will earn every clan member who participates additional rewards! We've got new games releasing in the next few months, so keep your eyes open for heaps more Awesome to earn.

So prepare your darts, sharpen your glaives, and get your cape ready. Jump into BTD5's Co-op Mode now, see how far you can get, and see your clan and your name at the top of the leaderboards!

Thanks for reading and for being more awesomer,
The Ninja Kiwi Team