Eric Klien

I am president of the Lifeboat Foundation at The Lifeboat Foundation is a nonprofit nongovernmental organization dedicated to helping humanity survive existential risks as we move towards the Singularity.

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  1. Level Up!

    GoddessMadoka just got more awesomer and has reached Level 21!

    2020-10-30 13:09:06 UTC
  2. Achievement Unlocked!

    GoddessMadoka earned the Air Dervish Nemesis Achievement in Bloons Monkey City

    2020-10-30 13:09:06 UTC
  3. ZX840

    The-scorpions Btd5_glue 47
    posted an update

    Bought NK coins for the first time in my 10 long years on NK. Thought why not at the time as I have a visa card with some unknown amount on it so yeh. Unlocked my other 2 character slots on SAS4 for some future use. Now I got 19 coins instead of 9 not knowing what to do with them.

    2020-10-29 09:23:59 UTC
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