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2221 10909 adding friends
we got a friends list and no friends i tried adding a friend but i dont see how? help pls?
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2900 20733 Regen Farming?
What is the best track and round for regen farming? (I'm rank 30 in BMC.)
Bloons TD 5 Posts Comments Latest Post
16319 70678 The Unfavoured - April 23, 2014
Pass rounds 25-60 on Jungle, Hard. Start with $5250 and 100 lives. Super Monkeys, Villages, Dartl...
Bloons Super Monkey 2 Posts Comments Latest Post
2820 12119 Annoying boss needs fixing
Anyone remember the calamari boss and it's annoying attack where it sends out fast bubble clusters t...
Bloons TD Battles Posts Comments Latest Post
6828 26643 How to win against hackers / cheater ...
... and maybe hacking ends, if every player do this : For me it works ... if I have to play again...
SAS Zombie Assault Games Posts Comments Latest Post
2830 11560 Viewing all weapons
I made a post about this once and I will do it again because I think the game can use this. There sh...
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2533 48522 Achievement Unlocked: The Achievement Heist
This is just a simple thing. All you have to do is to do a curtain thing, then earn an achievement, ...
Ninja Kiwi Games Posts Comments Latest Post
When you see this tell mi.How can I pass freeplay mode to wave 300 without any premiums or hacks or ...
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