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2519 12605 Help with the wheel of fate
I have never been on the Wof but I am level 8. I don't know how to access it. I just recently heard ...
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3791 27514 what is the moab pack?
It is a version of zomg tile which replaces the zomg with a cluster of moabs. It is more easier then...
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17030 74729 Correct the MOAB Assassin description.
Since BTD5's release date, the MOAB Assassin was discovered to have been nerfed the whole time from ...
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2863 12424 General
Is there, by any chance, that you could implement a Full Screen mode, please?
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7144 29664 Join my team! Intensification Infliction!
Original post:
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4169 21586 Level 20 ability upgrade tree
I'd love to see an upgrade tree for the level 20 abilities. Since I personally feel for how strong t...
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2993 57780 Tower Defense Design
Oh, hey there. Some of you have already stopped reading and lost interest by now, but that's OK. You...
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3185 9034 Questions
Why is there no downstream, and why are there no random challenges on any of the special maps?
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