Bloons TD Battles

It's time to bring your a-game on BTD Battles' new track, A-Game!

A-Game puts you on a plain battlefield with a curved path for the natural spawning bloons and a sharp A for your enemy's bloons. There's plenty of space for towers but don't let that trick you into thinking it'll be easy.

On top of the new track, we've added a bunch of changes to various things:

After round 30:
Speed of all bloons is increased by 20% each round
Health of MOAB-class bloons is increased 40% each round

After round 35:
Super Ceramics (38 health, but only one of each child) are spawned in place of regular ceramics.

Next round starts:
3 seconds after all natural bloons have spawned
1 second after all natural bloons are popped on either player's side

Selling a tower now returns 70% of the cash

Camo bloon mod now 2x price
Regen bloon mod now 1.8x price

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